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138TH Reg. Pennsylvania Volunteers, Co. B

Equipment List

Below is a Basic List of items to serve as a guide for those wanting to reenact The 138th Regiment Pennsylvania Volunteers. There are without a doubt countless “tweak” items missing from this list, but those are up to the individual. Contained is a list of items needed/suggested on an event to event basis. For Veteran Reenactors, you know what you need, for Fresh Recruits this will get you started.

Uniform Kit

Basic Clothing Items:
Period Correct Cotton/Wool shirt (minimum 2)
Period Correct Underwear (minimum 2) (Optional)
Wool/Cotton Socks (minimum 2)
Brogans, Peg Shoes or Jefferson Boots (Heel Plates Recommended)
Period Correct Braces

Standard Enlisted Union Kit:
4 Button Dark Blue Sack Coat (preferred)
9 Button Dark Blue Frock/Dress Coat (optional/acceptable)
Light Blue Federal Trousers with braces
Dark Blue Enlisted Men's Vest
Forge Cap, Bummer (preferred)
Military/Civilian’s Felt Hat (acceptable)


Leather Belt w/ US Belt Buckle (Puppy Paw or Arrow Back Acceptable) M1855 .58 cal Cartridge Box w/ US Plate (tins should be used)
Leather Cartridge Box Sling with Eagle Breast Plate
Tarred Haversack
Springfield Style Scabbard
Cap Box (with Nipple Pick)
M1858 Smoothside Canteen (W/ Wool or Jean Cloth Cover) (Tin or Stainless Steel)
M1862 Bulls Eye Pattern Canteen (W/ Wool or Jean Cloth Cover) (acceptable)
Canvas Sling for Canteen (acceptable for 1862-65 Impressions)
Leather Sling for Canteen (acceptable for 1862-63 Impressions)
Leather Laces (For Boots, tying things, various, etc.)
M1855 Double Bag Knapsack (preferred)
M1864 Double Bag Knapsack (acceptable)
How to pack a Knapsack: By Christopher J.M. Aronhalt

Weapon Kit

.69 cal 1842 Springfield w/ Bayonet (1862-64 Impression)
.58 cal 3 Band 1861 Springfield w/ Bayonet (Spring 1864 - June 1865 Impression) Rifle Cleaning Kit (Contains Brushes, Jag, Cleaning Patches, Nipple Picks, Nipple Wrench, Cleaning Rag, Tin with either a rag soaked in Brasso or a swab of Never Dull, Tin with Rag soaked in Gun Oil)
Rifle Sling (Leather Preferred, Canvas Acceptable)
Cartridge Tubes
Black Powder
Percussion Caps

Camping Kit

Canvas Dog/Pup Tent (Tente D' Abri or 1864 Pattern Acceptable)
"A" Frame Tent (Acceptable for Mainstrem Events)
Tent Poles (tree branches, not 2x4's) 2 "Y" Poles, 1 long Center Pole (Preferred)
Pre-Made Period Wood Poles (Acceptable)
Wool Blanket (Either the Standard Grey W/US or Tan 1861 Emergency Blanket)
Ground Cloth/Painted/Rubber/Gum Blanket
Rubberized Poncho (Optional)
Iron or Wood Tent Pegs (4 minimum, 6 for using Pre-Made Wood Poles)
Rope & Twine
Period Tin Plate
Period Tin Cup (various styles)
Mucket (Billy Cup)
English Mess Kit (Optional)
Period Correct Coffee Pot (Optional)
Perriod Correct Cooking Pot (Optional)
Period Spoon, Knife, Fork Set (any style acceptable)
Period Correct Pocket Knife
Period Lantern (optional)
Campaign Tin Lantern (optional, but handy to have)
Wax Candles (Bees Wax or Paraffin/White Wax)
Period Correct Candle Holder (Optional) ("Sticking Tommy")
Cast Iron Cooking Pan (optional)
Canteen Half (optional) (Various Uses)
Ration Bags (Easy to make yourself, Various Uses)

Other Items

Greatcoat (Light Blue for Cold weather events)
Pocket Watch
Housewife (Sewing Kit)
Leather Wallet (Period Design)
Toothbrush and Tooth Powder
Period Eye Wear (Glasses)
Rifle Cover (Canvas or Tarred)
Tompion (Only for when Rifle is Idle in Camp or Parades)
Brass Numbers/Letter (138/B)
Small Period Correct Mirror
Period Wood or Rubber Comb
Wood Ammo Box (Various Uses)
Cracker Box (Various Uses)
Modern First Aid Kit (you never know when you’ll need it, but you’ll be glad you have it, trust me)
White Gloves (Ceremonial Uses)
138th PA Regimental History
Period Pencils & Pen/Ink
Camp Hat (Various Styles)
Period Correct Playing Cards
Period Correct Notebook

Manuals & other Repro Period Books
Listed are Various Reprinted Books of Interest

-Casey’s Infantry Tactics
-Hardee’s Infantry Tactics
-Handy Book for the US Soldier
-Field Manual for Battalion Drill
-Various Books from Beadle’s Dime Series
-Customs of Service for NCO’s/Officers
-1861 US Army Regulations
-McClellan’s Bayonet Drill (Translated version of the French Manual)
-Various Others


First and Foremost, Ask questions, if you’re not sure about an item you are considering for purchase ask a question.

Suggested Sutlers/Shops

S&S Sutler: Gettysburg Retail Shop & Online Shop, Excellent source for "Next Level" quality items.
Gettysburg Sutler: Gettysburg Retail Shop, Entry Level Items, Good Quality.
Regimental Quartermaster: Gettysburg Retail Shop & Online Shop, Various Uniform Items, Various Authenticity Levels, Leathers, Basic Day to Day Items.
Blockade Runner: Online Shop, Basic Entry Level Items, Passable Quality, You Get what you pay for.
Dirty Billy’s Hats: Gettysburg Retail Shop & Online Shop, Forge Cap, Other Period Correct Hats.
Memories Past Historical Outfitters: Gettysburg Retail Shop & Online Shop, Basic Entry Level Items, Passable Quality, Good For Custom Uniforms.
Fall Creek Sutlery: Online Shop, Online Shop, Basic Entry Level Items, Passable Quality.
CJ Daley: Gettysburg Retail Shop & Online Shop, Good Spot for those wanting to take their impression to the next level, Excellent for Standard Union Uniform, Uniform Items, etc., Pricey but Worth it.
Dell’s Leather Works: Excellent for Leathers.
C&D Jarnagin: Online Shop, Mail Order Good Quality.
Missouri Boot & Shoe Company: Boots & Leathers, Pricey but worth it.
Sullivan Press: Repro. Books, Paper Work,
Various Others………..