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Based in: Gettysburg, PA.

Website Owner: Co. B,138th PA Reenactors
Webmaster: Andy Brinker
Web Consultant: Christopher J. M. Aronhalt

Webmaster's Notes:
The 138th PA Reenactors have become very dedicated to perserving the memory of those we represent. All information on this site is accurate to the best of our knowledge. Information is based on historical accounts through the Regimental History of 138th, "The History of the 138th Reg. P.V." by Osceloa Lewis, Offical/Other Historical Recrords/Accounts, through contacts, etc. Credit is given where credit is due. We welcome all comments/suggestions/contributions by email, or by signing our guestbook.

The 138th PVI, The Commonwealth of Pennsylvania, Adams County, The Borough of Gettysburg, Gettysburg National Military Park & The National Park Serivce, Stephen Light, Samuel Bates, Frederick Dyer, 155th PA Comany B Reenactors, 114th PA Company A Reenactors, Jim Cobb, Chris Barebo, Dustin & Terri Coleman, Julie Horner-Amegashie(photographer), Tom Merkle(photographer), Del & Tish Hilbert at the Victorian Photography Studio in Gettysburg (Click here to visit Victorian Photography Studio's website).

The 138th PVI Reenactors would like to give thanks to the
Civil War Museum of Philadelphia

The Civil War Museum of Philadelphia granted permission for use of the 138th PVI flag image on our website. Thank you.