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  Welcome to the 138th Pennsylvania Drill Animation Page. Just click on the links below to view the animations. We recommend a broadband connection for best performance. Adobe Flash is also required.

Firing Drills
 Firing by File
 Firing by Company
 Firing by Rank

Comany Drills
 Right Flank
 Right About in March
 Right Face Forward March
 Right Oblique
 Left Flank
 Left Wheel
 Double File to Four Ranks

Battalion Drills
 By the right of companies to the rear into columns
 By the right of companies to the front
 Close column by companies on first company, right in front
 Change front to rear on first company
 Change front forward on first company
 By companies, right wheel
 Into line, faced to the rear
 Battalion in Echelon, right in front
 Forward into line by companies
 Oblique charge of front forward on 1st company
 To refuse the flank in Echelon in advance

Skirmish Drills
 Company as skirmishers on the center file

Stacking Arms
 Kentucky Swing